Thursday, July 22, 2010


After long chats over the last few days with Alan Mislove and some of the great folks at the Microsoft Research New England lab, I've decided to finally publish a blog.

I'm a PhD student in the computer science department at Carnegie Mellon working with Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, and others on the theory of social networks.  Most of what I do involves studying and trying to understand social network structures and processes; in particular, I currently study these matters as they exist in Twitter.  Twitter is just one of many instances of social networks researchers are studying and is great because the data is easily accessible, includes many different individuals and types of users, and exhibits a variety of phenomena that researchers want to study.  My interests aren't limited to Twitter and  I'm also curious about many other topics in mathematics and computer science.

As a graduate student it's always good to share your work and to get others interested in your research.  After talking with some MSR theory interns, I'm grateful that the work I do is accessible and interesting to a large audience.  I hope to share many fascinating aspects of social network analysis through postings on this blog.  Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions you'd like to see addressed by researchers!